Image of E.S. Ivy  Growing up in East Texas, E.S. Ivy preferred her adventures to be in books, where things were nice and safe. She was a cautious beginning swimmer and liked to stay in the shallow end of the pool where she could touch the bottom every once and a while. That is, until she went to camp and had to swim in a lake with squishy mud. That's when she learned to swim in deep water. She's even been snorkeling and seen jellyfish and barracuda. But she is very glad she has never seen a shark!

Ivy graduated from college with a degree in Chemistry. In graduate school she studied plants, because they aren't squishy and they don't squeal when you poke them. Her PhD didn't teach her how to keep houseplants alive, but she did learn how to grow a certain type of fern very well - even upside down and sideways! She sent some of them up on the space shuttle Columbia and got to travel to see the nighttime launch at Kennedy Space Center.

Ivy also worked as a writer and editor of children's science textbooks. But she got tired of the publishers taking out all of the fun parts, so she decided to write novels. She also likes to craft and has had original crafts published in Family Fun Magazine.

Ivy now lives in the hills of Central Texas with her husband and three kids. And - because there's a rule that all pets have to be a type of critter that mom is willing to catch - a soft, furry, dog.